The Bible rings like a church bell the great message that, 'all flesh shall see the salvation of God!' (Luke 3: 6.) This follows God's promise that, "... all Israel will be saved: as it is written." (Rom. 11: 26) We see here, in just a few verses, that ALL FLESH means all that was Adamic and human in this fleshy world - all families, all nations, and all people. This, again, is done through these two aspects of salvation: The general atonement; the one that coincidently covers infants and man in general, and the specially applied atonement that is displayed in the lives of those whom "especially" believe. This 'special', yet not 'exclusive', principle of salvation does not leave out the general multitudes of humanity.

    The verse does not say: "''Christ is the Savior in the eyes of all men, whether they get saved or not; but He is the Savior especially and exclusively of those who only believe in this life before they physically drop dead."

    This promise of Yahweh's is a blessing which eventually, through David, and finally culminating in and through Jesus Christ (where the promise is finalized and He has said ''it is finished''), comes to embrace the whole lineage of humanity.

"    ''Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.''"  (Ps. 2:8)

    Was this promise not finalized on the Cross when Jesus petitioned His Father with these words? "''Father forgive them for they know not what they do''" and "''It is finished.''" Are not these words applicable to ALL humans? Have we each not crucified Christ at one point in our lives Did Jesus pray this only for a select few? Just how many are included in the term "them"?


    Now, the big question is which one of these is God's revealed truth? Remember, we only have two choices of atonement to pick from and one of three different destinies to decide on. Shall most of mankind burn in an eternal Hell fire? Will he be annihilated? Will only a few make it to God? Is it through the Limitarian views of Calvinism or Arminianism, whether it be Roman or Protestant that we get there?  Or, should we as Christians believe what the Bible really says, that "all flesh shall see the salvation of God.''? (Luke 3: 6) Do we rust men's opinions, or do we trust God and His promise to Abraham? What shall we believe now, the complicated traditions of men based upon a twisted, changed and perverted translation, or the hundreds of plain, unpolluted and obvious verses that tell us in clear language that ALL peoples will ultimately be redeemed? Whom shall we follow? Should we believe the Roman Catholic Church and her Protestant offspring, who knew little about Greek word meanings and persecuted those who questioned their authority? Or, should we go to the source - the early Christians, who penned the scriptures and knew the true meanings?

The choice is yours and the consequences are not lacking when it comes to changing what God has said! (See Rev. 22:18). To help the reader begin to understand further, a fellow brother in Christ has said it this way:

    Calvinism is a cruel and unloving profanity. Arminianism is a proud and self-righteous profanity. Calvinism is cruel and unloving because it claims that God allows beings to come into existence that deserve to suffer endlessly, and will suffer endlessly, except for a few that God will rescue from such a fate by His irresistible grace. Arminianism is proud and self-righteous because it claims that only those who receive the proper information, and act on it properly before they die, will avoid suffering endlessly. They claim that God is unable to successfully influence anyone's will, unless they let Him. The Calvinist's god allows millions of beings to come into existence and either cannot, or will not, do anything to stop them from suffering forever. The Armenian’s god lets us down just when we need Him the most. Our greatest need is a change in our stubborn will. The Arminian god either cannot, or will not meet us, on this, the level of our greatest need. Calvinism and Arminianism are built upon the false foundation of "endless hell." The profanity of the doctrine of "endless suffering in hell" is also part of the black background upon which God will paint His glorious masterpiece. Without fail, God will, in due time, transform all deceptions, delusions, and false doctrines, into something better... And He will do this for everyone, without exception.------------- Ted Jones

 ''"All flesh (resurrected mankind) shall [ultimately] see the salvation of God.''
(Luke 3:6)
    The Devil is not ever mentioned as an heir to any part of Abraham's promise, for ALL FLESH belongs to God! All flesh means ALL MANKIND. This IS the Promise Given to Abraham that through Jesus Christ's atoning work as a ransom for all mankind, ALL FLESH, and thus ALL MANKIND shall be saved; ALL shall see the salvation of God.

All flesh was made by God, for God, and it was very good. (Gen.1:27)
God, is the (owner) of the spirits of ALL FLESH - (Num. 16:22, 27:16)
He is the LORD and God of all flesh - (Jer. 32:27)
All flesh became corrupt - (Gen. 6:12)
He has power over all flesh - (Jn. 17:2)
He brings evil upon all flesh - (Jer.45:5; Ezk. 21:4 ;)
He silences all flesh - (Zch.2:13)
All flesh was doomed to destruction - (Gen. 6:13, 17; 7:21; Job 34:15)
God decides to salvage a TYPE of all mankind in NOAH (Gen. 6:19, 7:15, 16; 8:17)
God promises to not kill all flesh by water - (Gen.9:11, 15)
The LORD controversies with the Nations, pleads with ALL flesh - (Jer. 25:31)
God everlasting covenant with EVERY creature, ALL FLESH upon earth - (Gen. 9:16, 17)
He pours his spirit out upon all flesh - (Jl. 2:28; Acts 2:17)
God feeds and gives mercy to all flesh - (Ps. 136:25)
All flesh shall come to God - (Ps. 65:2)
All flesh will bless His Holy Name - (Ps. 145:21)
All flesh shall see (the glory of) the LORD - (Is. 40:5; Ezk. 20:48; Ezk. 21:5)
All flesh shall KNOW that he is the LORD, the SAVIOUR, and the Redeemer - (Isa. 49:26)
All flesh shall come and worship Him - (Isa.66:23)
All flesh will see the salvation of God - (Lk.3:6)


    The early Christians knew what the Greek word “tap panta” meant. It meant “ALL.” The original followers of Jesus knew the truth by “hearing” and “seeing”. It was not an issue to them that "ALL" in the context of men meant "all mankind". They wrote down this truth in the scriptures we have today. Later Christians took the same Scriptures listed below and believed without ever seeing or hearing Jesus, but understood from the scriptures and their faithful fathers that "ALL" meant 'all mankind" when in the context of salvation. Bless where those who saw, heard and believed, but how much more blessed were those who have not seen, but by faith have believed!
    This Greek word “ta panta” meant “ALL” in the Greek and it means “ALL” in the English.  But, to the modern church, “all” does not mean all anymore. Neither does the word “will".  It is “wishful thinking” for those who believe that God will save all, when everyone is taught that he will not.
    Below are clear Scriptures which no longer mean what they say, nor do say what traditional teachings tell us! Should you decide to believe them for what they really say, and not what you want them to say, nor what others want you to believe them to mean, you will find yourself among the “remnant.” The majority of the churches today have long since abandoned the simplicity and power of the “ORIGINAL GOOD NEWS”. To the early Christians, Good news meant ''Good'' and there was no ultimate ‘BAD NEWS ending.” For, God works “ALL” to the Good, on behalf of those who love Him. (Rom.8:28; Col.1:20; 1 Cor.12:6; 15:28; Eph.1:11; Rev. 21:5; Heb.1:2; Php.3:21 ;) He blinds ‘the many’ to makes others see, so that He can make ‘ALL’ see in the end.  In light of this, the ‘remnant’ that do see will embrace perfect love and cast out fear and live in a new world that God promises, “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
    The study of these Scriptures in their proper context will show the full salvation of the entire human race by our wonderful Father. We realize a Scripture referring to “all” trees cannot be meant to imply “all” human beings. But if the Greek for “all things” includes both trees and human beings, we must then include “ALL” human beings and leave not one sheep out of the fold. The human race is symbolized in the analogy of the ninety nine sheep, and the one lost sheep gone astray. Does the Shepherd rescue the one from the woods and the wolf or not? This is a simple story for simple people and a simple teaching about a simple truth. The parable illustrates the rescue and reconciliation all sheep (humans) back to their Heavenly Shepherd. Look at these verses through the entire Father’s attributes of Omnipotence (all powerful), Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipresence (all present everywhere), Omni-agape (love) and Omni-redeeming! We see justice; mercy, beauty and universal love clothe His nature, where once we saw injustice, indifference, un-forgiveness and hatred under the perpetual grudge of a merciless God.

1 Tim. 2:4God will have ALL to be saved                       Heb. 1:2      Heir of ALL things
1 Tim. 2:6Salvation of ALL                                             Jn.. 3:35      ALL given to Him
Eph. 1:11God works ALL after His will                          Jn.. 17:2 Jesus gives Life to ALL
Jn.. 12:47Jesus came to save ALL                                 Jn.. 13:3 Father gives ALL to Jesus
Jn.. 4:4Jesus is the Savior of the World                         1 Tim. 4:9-11 Jesus Savior of ALL
1 Jn.. 4:14Jesus is the Savior of the World                    Ps. 33:15      God fashions ALL hearts
Jn.. 12:32Jesus draws ALL to Himself                          Ps. 90:3       God turns away & leads back
Heb. 7:25 Jesus saves to the uttermost                              Lam. 3:31, 32 Not cast off forever
Rom. 5:15-21 in  Christ ALL live                                     Is. 2:2      ALL Nations Flow to God
1 Cor. 15:22in Christ ALL live                                        Gen. 18:18   ALL Earth Blessed
Eph. 1:10ALL come unto Him                                         Is. 45:23       ALL people justified
Phl. 2:9-11Every tongue shall confess                             Ps. 138:4      ALL Kings praise Him
Rom. 11:26ALL Israel will be saved                               Ps. 86:9       ALL Nations worship Him
Acts 3:20-21        Restitution of ALL                               Ps. 65:2-4     ALL Flesh comes to God
Lk. 2:10 Jesus…joy to ALL                                             Ps. 66:3-4     ALL Enemies submitted
Eph. 2:7              Grace shown in AGES to come            Is. 19:14-25  Egypt & Assyria restore
Heb. 8:11-12ALL will know God                                    Ezk. 16:55    Sodom restored
Titus 2:11Grace appeared to ALL                                    Ps. 22:25-29 ALL families turn & worship
Rom. 8:19-21ALL Creation set at Liberty                       Ps. 145:9-10 God good & merciful to ALL
Col. 1:20ALL reconciled to God                                     Ps. 145:14    God Raises ALL who fall
1 Cor. 4:5ALL will have praise of God                           Ps. 145:16    God satisfies ALL
Rev. 15:4 ALL Nations worship Him                              Ps. 145:10     ALL praise Him
Rom. 11:32Mercy on ALL                                               Is. 25:6  God makes feast for ALL
Rom. 11:36ALL of, thru, and into God                            Is. 25:7          Removes ALL blindness
Eph. 4:10Jesus fills ALL things                                        Is. 25:8        Swallows up ALL death
Rev. 5:13ALL Creation praises God                                Jer. 32:35    no intention to ‘burn’ people
1 Cor. 15:28God ALL in ALL                                          Ps. 135:6     God does what pleases Him
Rev. 21:4-5ALL things made New
1 Cor. 3:15ALL saved, so as by Fir
Mk. 9:49Everyone ‘salted’ with fire
Rom. 11:15 Reconciliation of the World
2 Cor. 5:15 Jesus died for ALL

    Is our understanding “politically correct” according to Orthodoxy and Fundamentalists especially? Let us take the word “all” in the following verses and redefine it with a 'slightly different' meaning. Let us use "all" in the sense of a limited class or special species of people. The word "some" will suffice, according to many church folk's understanding of the word. It is necessary, as they will insist, to use the most correct word to relay the truest meaning. Therefore, we will replace the word “all” with the new word “SOME” in these passages to better understand this majority interpretation. If, in these passages we have no justification to literally say,  “ALL HUMANS” or “ALL MANKIND”, (because it is only in reference to a few saved humans, who willfully believed, or who were ‘elected’ to believe, without any choice in the matter), we then must therefore understand the verses to mean only “SOME HUMANS” or “SOME MEN.” To verify whether this is true or not, let us read the verses with the traditionally accepted meaning.

    “…for behold, I bring good tidings of great joy... to SOME people.”  Lk. 2:10
    “For as in Adam ALL die, even so in Christ shall only SOME be made alive.”  1 Cor. 15:22
    “And when only SOME things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the Son also Himself be SOMEwhat subjected unto Him, that put only SOME things under Him, that God may be ALL in only SOME.”  1 Cor. 15:28
    “…Who gave Himself a ransom for SOME few chosen select persons, to be testified in due time.” 1 Tim. 2:4

    The following verse shows us how churchmen can twist a word. In this verse, the word “all” means both ''all'' and then ''some'' or a limited small class of mankind.

    “Therefore, as by the offense of the one (the first Adam) judgment came upon ALL (some) men to condemnation; even so (meaning: ‘equally so’) by the righteousness of one (the second Adam) the free gift came upon (all) SOME men, unto justification of Life.” Romans 5:18.

    The bastardization of the meaning of the word "all" in this verse stems from churchmen playing with ‘limited’ atonement theories and misunderstanding Greek word meanings. The so called ‘logic’ used to warp these verses to mean "only some" is based on the following false assumptions:

1.) Man's will is equal to or greater than God's will.
2.) Man has only this human life to freely choose salvation.
3.) Though ALL mankind are "fallen", not ''all'' get saved in this human life.
4.) Thus, all mankind are not universally reconciled.
5.) Therefore, the phrase "all mankind" must be understood to mean "some".
     We see above that ‘all’ means every human when it comes to the fall and death, but the word “all” does not mean everyone, when it comes to being made un-fallen or given life. Hence, “death came upon all” but “life” does not. The majority of theologians toss in upon this twisting, the concept of “eternal” and change the meaning of “eon” or “age” to be understood as everlasting. Now you have limited atonement with an everlasting banishment from heaven. Some examples follow to support their claims:

    ”And I, if (when) I be lifted up from the earth (raised from the dead), will draw (all) (SOME) men unto me.”  Jn.. 12:32
    “For (every one) (SOME) shall be salted with fire, and (every) (SOME) sacrifice(s) shall be salted with fire.”  Mk. 9:49
    “And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not just for our sins only, but also for the sins of the (whole) (SOME of the) World.”  Jn.. 1:29

If this is not enough, please read these verses remembering to insert the word “SOME” where the word "all" is used.
Phil. 2:10, 11;
Gen. 28:14;
Ps. 22:27;
Eph. 1:10;
Col. 1:20;
Rev. 21:5;
Acts 3:20-21;
Heb. 2:8;
2 Cor. 5:19;
Jn.. 1:29;
Jn.. 3:16 (loved ‘some’ of the world);
Rev. 5:13.