''the times of restitution of all [things],
which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets
since the world began.''
(Acts 3:21)

            The  mention of the 'restitution of all (things)' suggests that God must have given Adam the original promise that He gave to Abraham. Apparently, at some point after the the first Age began and after the original parents transgressed, God spoke through Prophets (that followed after Adam) promises that matched what He later gave to Abraham. It fits well with the same "sheltering" as demonstrated in the Law and points to Christ as the fulfillment as the promised ''Seed'. It rings loud of the reason why God saved Noah's family in an Ark and that was to salvage mankind. This restitution of all was for the purpose of God having preeminence in all things. (Col. 1:18) He was to one day fill all things (Eph. 4:10) by making all things new (Rev. 21:5) and having all men (all flesh) believe and be reconciled (Jn.1:7; 1 Tim. 2:4; Luke 3:6) so,  that all the human race may see what is the fellowship of the mystery. (Eph. 3:9) This making a new heavens and a new earth for all men to dwell in (2Pt 3:13) where dwelleth only righteousness (2Pt 3:13) is for the purpose of the glorification of God in all things. (1 Pet. 4:11)

            After the first eon began and after the first transgression of man, God spoke by the mouths of all His holy prophets a wonderful promise of the restitution of all (created things) by making all things new again, such as a new heavens and a new earth, so as to accommodate all the reconciled human race. This is for the purpose of God having preeminence in all and to be glorified by all living beings in all that he has created so that He may fill all things and be All in all.''


Matt.11:27   Lk.10:22; Jn.3:35; 13:3;   All things were delivered unto Christ by the Father
Matt.17:11  Elias came and restored all things.
Matt.19:26  Mk.10:27; 14:36  With men many things seem impossible (i.e. God saving ALL MANKIND), but with god, ALL THINGS are possible.
Mk.9:23  All things are possible to those that believe.
Jn.1:3; Acts 14:15; 17:24; Rev.4:11   All things were made by Him.
Jn.16:15  All things of the Father belong to Jesus.
Rom.8:28  All things work together for good
Rom.8:32; 1 Cor.3:21; 2 Pet.1:3  All things given to us.
Rom.11:36  All things are for Him, through Him and to Him.
1 Cor.8:6; Heb.2:10  All things are OF Him; and BY Him.
1 Cor.15:27; Eph.1:22; Heb.2:8  All things are put under His feet.
1 Cor.15:28  All things are subdued unto Him.
2 Cor.5:17; Rev.21:5  All things are become NEW (in us), in Christ.
2 Cor.5:18  All things are of God.
Eph.1:10  All things gathered together into one in Christ.
Eph.1:11  All things worked after the counsel of His Will.
Eph.1:22  All things Headed by Christ in the Church.
Heb.3:4  All things built by God.
Eph.3:9; Col.1:16  All things created by God by Jesus Christ
Eph.4:10  All things filled by Christ
Php.3:21  All things subdued by Him.
Col.1:17  All things after Him;  All things consist by Him
Col.1:18  All things, He has preeminence in.
1 Tim.6:13  All things vivified by Him.
Heb.1:2  All things, Jesus is heir of.
Col.1:20; Acts 3:21 All things reconciled by Him.
Rev.21:7  All things, we inherit.

            Apparently, "all things" means literally, EVERTHING created by God and this includes animals, minerals, vegetables and all humans! All things were created by God, by Christ, for Him and through Him. The expression 'restitution of all things' appears to signify the complete restoration of all creation back to Him. When "all things" is coupled with the phrase ''all flesh shall see the salvation of God"'', this ALL therefore includes 'ALL Mankind'. A person would have to be less than Balaams Ass not see in these verses the complete restitution of everything God created. yes, it is absurd to think God lost everything when Adam transgressed, but it is more absurd to believe that he will not get it all back!