“And the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
and all mankind will see it together;
the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”
(Isaiah 40:5)

        There will be no questions as to truth, for unlike 'salvation by grace through faith' now, at that future time it will be 'seeing is believing'. Many do not want to believe this truth and devise theologies of salvation to exclude many from this great and wonderful Good News of ALL MEN SEEING GOD. And they will argue many points from poorly translated verses and twisted doctrines to send more people to Hell than to redeem them to God. But, what does the Bible say the answer is to those who die not knowing Christ? What if some do not believe? Traditional Orthodoxy decrees that they all get "eternal Hell fire". But, ''shall their unbelief make the faith of God to no effect?''" (Rom. 3: 3) Obviously, the conventional answer is a yes. Most churchmen either avoid answering this question properly or they retort with some confused distorted rhetoric that suggests 'no effect'. But, shall this unbelief and wickedness annul the promise which God made to Abraham? (Gen. 17: 7) The answer is NO it will not. For, "''God forbid: yea, let God be true [about this truth] and every man a liar [who speaks contrarily]''." (Rom.3: 6) God will not always be wrathful and angry forever. He will not let His anger continue, nor His casting off extend for all eternity. (Ps. 103: 9; Lam. 3: 31-33; Ps. 30: 5; Isa. 54: 8; Isa. 57: 16).  The reason is “God has concluded all mankind in unbelief, - that all mankind may be guilty before God - because all mankind have sinned after Adam ['like Father, like Son'] and fall short of the glory of God.''  He does this, ''so that He might have mercy upon all.''" (Rom. 11: 32-33; 3: 19; 3: 23). We now see all tears wiped away, no more sorrow, nor crying, nor pain. (Rev. 21: 4). DEATH and HELL are even destroyed!  (1 Cor. 25: 26). ''Behold! What does all this? but, 'the Lamb of God, which taketh away [ALL] the sin of the world!' What is that Good News that the dead shall 'see and believe' as God saves ALL FLESH? It is the Lamb of God.

''I exhort first of all that supplication, prayers and intercession, be made FOR ALL MEN... [that] this is GOOD AND ACCEPTABLE in the sight of God our Savior; WHO WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED, and to [eventually] come unto the knowledge of the truth... [and this truth is] Christ Jesus; [who] ... gave himself a RANSOM FOR ALL, to be testified IN DUE TIME [to everyone, that He did it for ALL MANKIND].''  -- (I Ti. 2:1-6)

        All of these substitute pronouns, symbols and terms you see in these verses seem to point to this truth, that God ‘wills’ [predestined] ALL men to be saved in the end, each in their due order in His time-line. These verses show that no one will be left out, or be left behind and permanently exiled. The many misinformed preachers of today will say they are, ‘eternally damned’. But, the Holy Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, teach that God has a different plan [contrary to mans reasoning] from ‘before the creation’ of the cosmos and even before man himself, to have a perfect final state filled with ALL His beloved children. This may not make much rational sense to the majority of theological bigots, but it surly makes all the sense to our altruistic God.

        Now a big question arises as to the destiny of the departed, especially those who do not know Christ - babies, the heathen, savages and idiots; or those who have, for various unjust reasons, denied Him. What happens to them? Is this fleshy life that one and only time a man has to repent, confess and believe? Does God directly mention that man is eternally cut off at physical death from having any ears to hear the evangel?  Let us see in the following sections just what Scripture has to say. Maybe we can get a better idea of the love, grace and mercy God has, not to mention a little more just treatment of His beloved created beings. Surly we will see that ALL shall see Him and be saved. For, Isaiah 40:5 says, “And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind will see it together; the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” This verse indicates that all people (with no exceptions) will see the glory of the Lord. There will be no individual isolated from God at that moment, no one locked away in torment forever. This prophecy was quoted and applied to the Lord Jesus in Luke 3:6 showing that all the Apostles believed and taught that,

 ''all mankind will see the salvation  of the Lord.''